Over nine years experience working on the full stack of ambitious web projects.

Let's make the web a little more accessible, beautiful and fun – together.

About my work

From working on projects with companies like 3M, E.ON and König Pilsener, to working with small local shops and bootstrapped founders, I've spent almost a decade creating awesome things on the web.

Being able to contribute to every layer of complex applications also means I'm happy to deliver anythig from design, frontend work, single-page apps to full-fledged APIs or websites.

More than just code

Having worked at a design agency for many years, I'm experienced with designing for the web and enjoy creating those small UI interactions that put a smile on people's face.

At the same time, I've built and sold mutliple SaaS products from scratch. As a solo founder I understand the importance of concidering all circumstances when planning and executing on a project.

Some of the tech I regularly use

While this is a long list and there are probably still things missing, I like to take a pragmatic approach to each project. I think the problem should dictate our choice of technology and while I have certain preferences, those might not always be the best option.

JavaScript ElasticSearch PHP React Bootstrap HTML Bower iTerm Postgres Node.js Docker jQuery Laravel GSAP npm Parcel WordPress Figma Apache GitLab Photoshop Wordpress Vue.js CSS Sketch Bash WooCommerce Next.js MySQL Express.js Gulp GraphQL Yarn Sass WebGL Symfony Kirby Indesign Redis MongoDB XD Blender Tailwind Electron Laravel Lumen Ansible Statamic NGINX ...