I enjoy creating small, profitable software products that are useful and fun to use.

Since 2020, I have built and sold two successful SaaS products with more on the way.


Started in 2021

Allround is an educational membership platform where I publish content at the intersection of frontend development and design. Working closely with designers for years and having designed many projects myself, explaining design from a developer's perspective has become my secret super power. Allround is the place I use to post video, articles and more around exactly that topic.

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True Fans – Customer communications toolkit


True Fans is an all-in-one toolkit that helps small online businesses improve their customer communication. With multiple essential modules and powerful automations, it aims to help with multiple painpoints, while being a central point for customer data.

Playgroup community software

2019 - 2021sold

Playgroup is a modern forum solution, comparable to old school message boards. It's focussed on making it easy to navigate through tons of channels, threads and content. Playgroup launched in 2020, was profitable ever since and sold in 2021 for a good profit.

Tinylog — a minimal publishing platform

2020 - 2020sold

Tinylog is a publishing platform that allows its users to create simple, static blogs and send them to subscribed users via newsletter. For its users it also functions as a hub to discover and distribute content to other members. The complete platform was built out in only two months, acquired the first paying customers and sold for a profit right afterwards.