Hi, I’m Ben. I’m a digital troublemaker, helping businesses create awesome digital products.

Full Stack Developer with strong UI/UX skills. Available to work remotely.
What I do


I'm a multi-disciplinary developer with nearly ten years of experience in a wide range of disciplines.

I enjoy solving complex problems across the full stack and turning blank pages into polished products.


From configuring bare metal servers, setting up container based microservices, to building out mission critical APIs — I've been involved in building a lot of different things over the past nine years.

I have developed Vue applications for fortune 100 companies, internal electron apps for multi-national corporations as well as modest landingpages for mom-and-pop shops. I still enjoy every part of the stack equally and love to contribute in all areas.

  • Previously worked as a warehouseman, lead developer, founder, CTO
  • Mostly self-taught college dropout
  • Originally studied British and American Literature
  • Big proponent of a "let's figure this out" attitude and "concept over syntax"
  • Could survive speaking Spanish, Italian or French, failed to learn Chinese
I love working with smart, ambitious and kind people. If that sounds like you and you have a project that I can help you with, let's chat.

Being good at multiple complementary disciplines allows me to build small online businesses from the ground up and without any outside help. I enjoy building complete products from scratch and all the challenges it includes. I'm currently building my third product, after bootstrapping and selling the first two.


Things I build
Creativity comes from applying things you learn in other fields to the field you work in.
— Aaron Swartz
Learn with me


Starting in 2021, I started deliberately sharing what I know about the intersection of design and frontend developtment. I've been working at this intersection for years and love what is possible when you combine both disciplines. It's also a great excuse to jump in and learn new technologies, while providing some value to others.

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Stuff I enjoy